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Perform onstage
Perform Onstage in a Disney® Park*
There's nothing more exciting, or more magical, than performing on a Disney® stage as part of the Disney Performing Arts® Onstage programme. Disney Performing Arts® Onstage sets the standard for which all other performance opportunities are measured. Expose your group to the highest level of performance excellence, as well as a taste of showbiz Disney® style. Reinforce lifelong lessons in teamwork, discipline and artistic growth at one of the most high-profile venues in the world.
*Subject to conditions numbers and/or audition and application criteria.

Open to all types of bands
Open to all types of Bands and Groups
This opportunity is open to you all, whether you are a marching band, pipe band, drum & trumpet corp, brass band, concert band, brass youth band, swing band, brass ensemble, scratch brass band, steel pan ensemble, wind ensemble, jazz group, jazz ensemble, school band or orchestra.

A unique magical showcase
A Unique Magical Showcase
Each group will be offered the chance to audition for a 20 minute performance on stage within the Disney® Parks.* *Performance location will be at the discretion of Disneyland® Paris. Potential venues include Videopolis Theatre in Discoveryland, the Royal Castle Stage near the centre of the park and CineMagique in Walt Disney Studios®.

Minimum of 10 performers required
Minimum of Only 10 Performers Required
You only need 20 people in your group in total of which 10 are performers (age 5 years or older) to be eligible for a Disney Performing Arts® Onstage performance. Even the smallest groups can enjoy the magic of performing at Disneyland® Paris! For the pre-parade there needs to be a minimum of 35 band members aged 8 and over.

anytime of year
Go to Disneyland® Paris and Perform Anytime of Year
Disneyland® Paris is open 365 days a year, meaning you can fit your trip perfectly into your school, competition and teaching schedules.

The magic is waiting for you any season
The Magic is Waiting for You
Swing into spring with music and flowers or make the most of the years longer days by enjoying some frozen summer fun.  Experience the sweetest of treats during Disney's® Halloween season, or discover a sled-load of festive magic at Christmas. With magical attractions, shows and parades open all year round, it’s always a great time to visit Disneyland® Paris.

March through a disney park
March through the Disney® Park
With the castle acting as the perfect backdrop as you march down Main Street USA, savour the magical experience of entertaining Disney Guests from all around the world.

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